Monday, October 18, 2010


GEORGIA : You commented on my last post with some questions. Would you mind letting me know your email please? That way we can communicate directly =) I'm excited to hear about your exchange aspirations!! Yay =)

France is currently filled with people protesting in the streets and striking over the retirement age which has just augumented. Some petrol stations are no longer open and trains and planes are not circulating too often. If this keeps on going then food is going to be hard to get and I won't be able to get home. Being a foreigner will not be a good thing. Am hoping this stops soon.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's just occured to me that I write a lot of random posts but not a lot about what I'm actually doing, activity wise. This is pretty much due to the fact that I'm really quite lazy and can't be bothered writing detailed posts.

I don't really care though. But in ten years time I'm going to regret it because of all the memories lost.

Took a heap of photos the other day with the girls... I am going to MISS them.
FETE! Next week.
I sent home my first box of summer clothes today...
...But I keep on seeing clothes I really want to buy (and probably will. I'm in FRANCE, after all!)
It's cold.
Holidays next week (and seeing Breeeeeeeee! Yay!)
Constantly in French mode.
Got 6.5/10 in Philo. I am awesome.
My Philo teacher is insane...but a good teacher, nonetheless.
I will never look good in school photos, even if I am made up and my hair is how I want it and I'm wearing what I want. FML.
Twenty million strikes and protests going on at the moment because of the retirement age going up. Kinda worrying because soon the planes are going to be striking...
It's going to be interesting being back in Australia.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Applying for jobs for summer...
Crabtree and Evelyne

and to come...
everywhere else that lets me apply over the internet...

It's weird to think that I'll be coming home soon.
I packed a box today to send.

Marie-Anne died my hair on Thursday. I slept over at hair house and slept in the middle of her bed (sorry). And now I'm getting sick thanks to her.

Going to see my host niece next Sunday... this exictes me. A lot.

I love Philosophy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reasons for exchange...

If you want to go through way too much crap, go on exchange.
If you want a year of crying, anger, depression, miscommunication and anxiousness, go on exchange.
If you want to be yelled at, go on exchange.
If you want to understand nothing, go on exchange.
If you want to sit in your room alone, go on exchange.
If you want to be frustrated, go on exchange.
If you want people angry with you, go on exchange.
If you want to not be able to express yourself, go on exchange.
If you want to sit there and wonder what you did wrong, go on exchange.
If you want to be accused of doing something wrong, go on exchange.
If you want to attach yourself to someone, only to have them reject you, go on exchange.
If you want people to hate you, go on exchange.
If you want the hardest year of your life, go on exchange.

One wonders why I did this year.
At this point in time, I do too.

When the ground falls out from under you, learn how to fly.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I love my host family because :

They are amazing.
I can tell them anything.
They have changed me.