Friday, February 19, 2010



I officially survived my first term of school here.

Haven't done a whole lot of things so far- it was snowing to start off with and I don't like asking too much if host mum can drive me places because she has already done so much.

-Monday we went to horse riding to see if we could enrol me and Sandy. They look really awesome and a lot cheaper than Australia. Plus, I can go there whenever I like to help look after the horses etc which is really exciting =) Yeah I'm such a nerd but whatever. Also it's only about three minutes from the house yay.

-Tuesday we went to Toulouse, me, host mum and host sister. We were meant to take the train but ended up on a bus due to work on the lines...or something...fell asleep on the bus. Sandy fell on her face because she wouldn't sit down, so when the bus stopped suddenly she fell face first down the aisle (we were sitting in the back seat and she was in the middle). Ate Quick, walked around a bit and got an epic name train from host mum. Swallowed something solid in my hot chocolate...ew. Found Cloudstreet in French. Was quite the epic day.

-Wednesday we went to the library and back to riding. Bought a helmet because it was the same price as sending one over and I don't like nits. Oh and got some chaps as well =)

-Thursday with the epic TRILBY. She came to my house at 9am, took the bus to Toulouse, ate Quick (again) and walked around. She bought a cow memo, foot scrubber and snuggie. I got mostly things for my hair because the heaters are drying my hair out, sad face, and I seriously need to save it. Came home by train (after asking the ticket person in French for tickets and having her understand me!), got rid of our monobrows by some lovely wax, watched Finding Nemo in French (and understood it!) and fell asleep.

-Friday (today) we woke up late and bummed around. Made some fairy bread and then the epic Trilby went home...So I Skyped for a while with Erin (boyfriend's sister) and Sammy (my sister).

All in all an epic time.

Sandy's birthday is next week, she'll be five. And soon I will have been here for two months. One more month until in general, culture shock'm planning on keeping positive though and hoping that it doesn't hit too hard. So pray for me please! I can't believe I've been here for so long already...soon I'll be eighteen years old and that is scary. And then I'll be going home and starting uni.

I feel so much more mature already and I am amazed at the changes that have happened so far. I can't believe what God has done so far and can't wait to see what else happens to me throughout the rest of the year. I pray that I'm a lot more mature and patient but also that I still am happy and can keep my childish, funloving side.

Exchange is great =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homesickness Sucks


I'm posting because it's a Wednesday which means NO SCHOOL in the afternoon =)

Homesickness sucks.
It's a part of exchange that no one will ever be able to escape and we were warned about it and all.
But seriously. I thought that our first three months were meant to be really good and exciting and such, but no. Me, I'm homesick.
Well, not all the time.
There was the one time where I spoke to Rand (the boyfriend who rocks my socks, hi!) over Skype, then had to go down to dinner, where my host mum promptly asked, what's wrong? My reply was to burst into tears.
But I think that so much good comes out of the bad. My family let me go up to my room and have a cry, then took me out to see Toulouse by night. We left at 9pm, and got back around 12, even though the next day we had to leave at 8.30 for ski. Best host family ever? Yes, I think so.
Then last Friday I got so homesick that I started crying at school, not that I let anyone see. But my friends made it all the much better, without even knowing it.
And today I've been feeling...I don't know. I hardly spoke at school today because I just really wanted to go home and cry and sleep and then my Spanish teacher was like, "Are you sleeping?" in front of the whole class, and I couldn't exactly be like, "No, I'm not sleeping, I'm just this little thing called homesick." But I came home and felt so much better... even when school is bad, coming home makes me feel so much better. I did Sandy's hair and makeup for a party she went to (wearing a gorgeous princess dress, by the way), I got my massive box of stuff from home (YAY!) and I spoke to Rand and Sam (the totally cool sis that rules my world).

So homesickness doesn't last- it's there for a while and then it goes. It doesn't make it any less easier, but it's something to remember.

On that note, a shoutout to the most awesome TRILBY, who lets me message her whenever I feel like crap and always makes me feel better. ^^There's a picture of us there, which isn't fantastic, but keep in mind that we had been travelling for forty hours or something like that before taking it. We were on the plane to Toulouse =)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I love my host family

And no, I'm not just saying that because they read my blog- Hi Evelyne and Bernard and Sandy!

I have been blessed with probably the best host family ever.

They laugh and joke and are just wonderful people. They know how to explain things to me and they don't mind if I get homesick or upset. They quickly learn about me- my likes (ie apple cider) my dislikes (erm...hardly anything!), they are patient with me and my French, they listen to me, they let me make mistakes and then correct them (nicely!) and give me so many opportunities.

I was so scared that they were going to be horrible- who wouldn't?! But instead, I got this family that I am going to be so so sad to leave, and I really hope that we will always keep in touch.

But in the meantime, I'm just going to love my time with them.
Merci for being the most wonderful host family ever!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One Month In

I love her.
Even if she tries to CUT MY HAIR OFF.
One month in and I've finally got the confidence to yell at her.
You would too, if she tried to cut your hair.
But I totally adore her (L).
Oh, and this time a month ago I was probably fast asleep in my bed after 234702348 hours of travelling.
Life is good.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Church outside my home

Knee deep

It was cold, in case you can't tell.

How cute.


Because I'm cool like that

Me: What a pretty building.
Host mum: It's a jail.
Le Capitole aka Toulouse.
Random things I've learnt so far:
  • Being sick really does show who your friends are.
  • If you're an exchanger, the best thing that you can do is hang with people from your host country. Other exchangers are great, but there's also the issue of that you shouldn't go out of your way to find people that speak your language...and only talk to them. Even if they aren't really your good friends, talk to French people. In French. It's the only way that you're going to make any progress in your language at all. Sorry. End of rant.
  • Climate change makes you sick.
  • Some teachers just really don't care.
  • Some teachers like wearing brightly coloured children's scarves.
  • Some teachers don't do enough buttons on their shirt up = hairy chest = ew.
  • Four year olds cry. A lot.
  • Snow is cold.
  • Snow is wet.
  • Bronchitis should go die in a hole.
  • It's quite easy to forget your first language.
  • It's also quite easy to begin speaking your language brokenly with an accent so people understand you better.
  • Crepes au nutella rule the world.
  • I have the best host family ever.

Yes, I am still sick. And I am still bored. My sister is still at home as well. And she is still crying at every second moment. My medicine still tastes like crap. And I am still searching for entertainment.

Monday, February 1, 2010

You've got to be freaking kidding me.

I miss this.

Er, at least I think it's bronchitis, if I understood properly.
Home= Nothing to do.
Nothing to do= boredem.
Boredem= Leave a comment for me!