Monday, December 28, 2009

Goodbye for now.


I had my going away party was quite awesome. Three and a half hours surrounded by the people I love, just being me and enjoying their company. They bought me plane letters and presents. They are all so special to me. I will treasure each and every one of them, but more importantly, each and every one of you. Most of them, I won't see until next year. I hope they are still full of the same love and awesomeness that they are now. I hope that they will accept me when I come back, changed as I may be. I hope that they are still willing to love the somewhat odd me. I hope that God blesses them so so much.

It's starting to hit. This is it. Three days. So many things I won't be here finishing the mountain of food we have left over from Christmas and my party. For the air conditioner being fixed. For my sister's twenty-first birthday. For Australia Day. I love summer, when I feel totally Aussie in my bathers and thongs. I love coming home from the beach covered in sand and sunburned, even though I put on a heap of sunscreen. I love the sarcasm. I love the humour. I love the friendliness and openess of peole. I love Australia. I hope that when I come back, I have that same love for France. I also hope to be able to represent my country well, and show people what an amazing place this is.

I'll miss you all.
I love you all.

Jeremiah 29:11...look it up. This is why I know that I'm going to be okay. Isn't God just AWESOME? =)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

6 Days

So, I'm currently trying to just not think about exchange. Slightly pathetic? Yes. But still, I can't deal with the stress. So many people want to see me but I just don't have the time. Then when I do, people aren't available and it's just way to complicated... It's gotten to the stage that I just say 'I am available here,' and if they can't make it, then too bad. I feel horrible, but it's the only way I can do it.

I went on youth camp last week, and it was awesome as usual. You could just feel the Holy Spirit the whole time and it was such a great rest, away from all the stress back home. Oh, and I won Pegged, earning me a massive bucket of lollies (5.1 litres, to be precise). I went around to everyone, saying, please, take some, I'm going away in ten days for a year. And even after everyone on camp took, say, 3 lollies each (120x3), I was still left with half a bucket. Needless to say, I now have a constant sugar headache =)

I've said goodbye to three people now. And it kinda really sucks...goodbyes are stupid. They hurt. I cry. They cry. We hug and cry some more. Rinse and repeat.

I don't want to leave. I don't want to go. I cannot do this. I can't change my entire life. I am having doubts. Fellow exchangers, in particular inbounders...please tell me I'm not alone!!! Please. And that it gets better...

Good stuff, good stuff...I'm trying to be positive. Ha. I'm going to Sydney with my sister before France. Today was Christmas. Happy Christmas peoples. I got sparkles put on my face yesterday at the fairy store. Tomorrow there are the Boxing Day sales. I bought awesome bathers the other day that I totally love.

There's nothing much more to do before I go, but still so much, if that makes sense.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

I'm a bit calmer about exchange now. Outbounders: TALK TO PEOPLE! Knowing that you have the support of everyone around you makes you feel a lot better. Plus I have made many lists of things I need to do, buy and go. And a big calendar. Organisation helps. I know that I will have everything, and won't be freaking out about forgetting things/people.

Good things:
-I'm getting another hole pierced in my ears (possibly with my sister)
-I'm not too scared about exchange (today)
-I have planned a whole day out as a surprise with my boyfriend
-I bought lots of things the other lots of things are crossed off my list
-I'm planning my going away party
-I'm seeing people that I need to
-I'm crossing lots of things off my list
-Choreography night was awesome
-My boyfriend's family is home
-I don't have to work for much longer (like 6 shifts, tops)
-Christmas is soon!
-My sister and I are going to Sydney for 2 days before I leave